Pottery firing services for home-based potters, independent artists, and ceramics lovers.

How this will work:

  • Members will receive a tote (their choice of either 7 gallon or 12 gallon). Members can fill their tote with work and then drop it off at our location to be fired. Members will be charged a flat rate per tote per firing and are welcome to fill it as they like. 
  • Members will also pay an enrollment fee upon joining the club (tbd) and will be given 24/hr access to pickup or drop off work at our location in southwest Austin. This fee will include a refundable deposit which covers your firing tote and any incidental kiln damage from your work.
  • We plan on firing regularly to cones 05 and 5, and we will fire to come 019 for lusters if and when enough work becomes available to fill the kiln. We will likely keep a waiting list going just for that and plan out regular luster fires every quarter or so depending on interest.
  • We will be starting out from our home studio with just a handful of members, but we plan to expand membership once we get going, work out the kinks, and improve our equipment situation. Our goal is to later move into a commercial space where we can take on even more members and offer more services.
  • Wait list folks will have first dibs on spots as they become available. We will try to honor a first come first served method of member selection but may cherry-pick folks who are a good fit in regards to needs and experience level if we need to. This will be less necessary as we grow. 

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