Membership & Firing Fees

Membership & Firing Fees 

We are currently offering two tiers of club membership to accommodate a range of firing needs.

The regular membership is meant for folks who plan on only firing occasionally. The monthly membership rate will be lower for that tier while firing rates are higher, making firing less more affordable.

Folks who need to fire more often should join our Pro level, which features lower firing rates and faster turnaround times. The monthly membership rate is higher, but firing rates are lower, making firing a higher volume more affordable. Pro members will also get priority in line for firing since they are more likely to be pressed for time.

At this time we are not offering firing services for folks not enrolled in the club.

Please note: we are just starting out, so these prices may change as we learn more about the needs of the business and our members. If dues and/or rates increase, the published dues/rates that you agree to upon enrollment will be honored until at least January 2023 at which point we will re-evaluate dues and rates for existing members.

Regular Membership

Membership Signup Fee (Due upon enrollment. Includes refundable $20 deposit which covers the tote and incidental kiln damages.): $40

Monthly Membership Dues: $15

Firing Fees (per tote per firing): 

  • Tiny Tote (3 gallons): $25
  • 7 Gallon Tote: $45
  • 10 Gallon Flat Tote: $50
  • 12 Gallon Tote: $60

Pro Membership

Membership Signup Fee (Due upon enrollment. Includes refundable $30 deposit which covers the tote and incidental kiln damages.): $75*

* Additinal $20 if you would like an extra tote.

Monthly Membership Dues: $35

Firing Fees (per tote per firing): 

  • 7 Gallon Tote: $23
  • 10 Gallon Flat Tote: $29
  • 12 Gallon Tote: $40

Firing Rules

Clay Bodies & Glazes

  • Commercial clay bodies and glazes only. No wild clay, reclaimed mixes, or homemade glazes without prior testing (by us!)
  • Members must know with 100% certainty the cone rating of the clay and glazes they are using.

Mixed Totes

  • Please put just one firing temperature batch per tote whenever possible. This helps avoid accidents which can be messy and destructive.
  • If submitting a mixed tote is necessary, the tote will incur an additional mixed tote fee.

Firing Temperatures

  • We plan on firing regularly to cone 05 (low fire) or cone 5 (mid fire). 
  • Occasional luster firing available at Cone 019 – availability will be based on demand

Preparing & Transporting Work

  • No organic materials can be present on pots being fired. This damages the elements. Examples are: paper, macaroni, leaves, etc.
  • Work must not be more than 1/2” thick. This helps avoid explosions.
  • All work must be bone dry BEFORE being brought in for firing. Exploded pots put everyone’s work at risk so please be sure your work is dry and bubble-free.
  • All bottoms must be waxed and free of glaze. No stilts or racks will be used.
  • Members are responsible for packing their work carefully for transportation. We recommend using bubble wrap, thin towels, or corrugated paper. Keep in mind that green ware is especially fragile!

Risk & Responsibilities

  • Members will be responsible for the cost of any damage caused by user errors such as incorrect glazing, mistaken clay body, etc. Any costs beyond the initial deposit amount must be submitted by the member within 30 days, and the deposit must be replaced before firing again.
  • Members accept the risks to work associated with community firing. We are not responsible for damage to your work that occurs as a result of another maker’s work. (Example: if your neighbors pot explodes and damages yours.)
  • Greenware and bisque ware can be very fragile. We will do our best to handle everything with care BUT we are not responsible for items being broken.


  • Turnaround time: We plan on firing as often as the kiln is filled. Right now, we expect work to be finished and ready for pickup within 1-2 weeks from drop off. We will do our best to update the expected wait times as we go along.
  • Results: Pottery is unpredictable by nature. Small differences in temperature, atmosphere, etc. can make two identical pots turn out very differently! We are not responsible for the reasonable and expected variances that happen during firing.
  • Neighbors: Firing a variety of clay bodies, glazes, etc. means that there can be possible unexpected reactions going on inside the kiln. This is the nature of community firing, so please be ready to accept the results! Having more precise control is an advantage that comes with owning your own kiln.

The Process

  1. Sign up for the club’s waiting list by email.
  2. Put in an application when signups open, and choose your tote size.
  3. When you are invited you will receive an email with a payment link. You can pay for your signup fee/deposit via PayPal.
  4. Upon enrollment, you will be provided with your own firing tote and a personal code to access our firing location.
  5. Bring home your tote and fill it with bone-dry greenware or glazed bisque. Pack your tote carefully and close the lid carefully. Totes will be stacked, so it’s important not to over-fill your tote!
  6. Bring your filled tote to our firing location. Use your code to open the gate, and then again to open the pickup/drop-off shed. Stack your tote inside the shed and scan the label to sign it in. Be careful to lock the shed door and gate when you leave.
  7. You will be alerted by text when your work is ready to be picked up! Pay your firing fee via Venmo or PayPal and then come pick it up the same way you dropped it off.
  8. PayPal will automatically renew your membership monthly.

Ending your Membership

  1. Let us know via text, phone, or email when you decide to end your membership.
  2. Memberships renew automatically, so your current membership will be useable until your current payment period is over.
  3. Return your tote within 30 days and scan it in one last time to let us know it has arrived. Totes not returned within 30 days forfeit deposit.
  4. Your deposit will be returned via Venmo or PayPal within 1-3 days.
  5. Join the wait list again if/when you would like to join the club again. You will be put back into the queue and contacted when a new opening becomes available.

Deposit Loss

We’ll do our best to work with members to end their membership in a way that is fair and equitable. That being said, memberships that are terminated due to lack of communication, repeated non-payment, damage, safety concerns, or irregular circumstances will forfeit their deposit.